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Venetian Stucco Installation in Lake Stevens

January 7, 2015  

Venetian Stucco Installation in Lake StevensVenetian Stucco,  is a wall covering originating in Italy, and has been referred to as “Marmorino” due to the small marble chips that it contains. It can resemble polished marble or honed limestone depending on how it is applied, and what techniques are utilized. However, this type of plaster is complex, and requires a highly-trained contractor with extensive experience in order to apply it properly. Venetian Stucco is beautiful as well as a highly durable, and is known to withstand the harsh elements quite well. If looking for a trained contractor of Venetian Stucco installation in Lake Stevens, call Joseph J. Jefferson & Son for professional assistance, and installation services.

The application of venetian stucco is a process of utilizing a base paneling usually made of gypsum-based lath, which then has plaster applied to it by a trowel.  Once completed, a decorative paint is applied to the veneer creating the desired texture or wall finishing.

If it is applied and allowed to carbonize correctly, only regular maintenance is suggested and inspection to ensure that the materials is aging correctly and has not developed any cracks that need repairing over time. Improper installation can result in unnecessary repairs and issues later down the line.

Venetian Stucco is moisture resistant, and can be applied in bathrooms and kitchens as well. As the material it is durable and long-wearing, it will stand up to heavy use on interior and exterior areas that receive high traffic and need to withstand the elements on a daily basis.

If you’re looking to revitalize your home with Venetian Stucco, contact Joseph J. Jefferson & Son today at (206)-202-9500. We have staff trained in Venetian Stucco installation in Lake Stevens who can assist with your next project.