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Tips on How to Keep Stucco Looking New

September 30, 2014  

Stucco in KirklandOne of the biggest decisions that a person will make regarding their home or business is what type of exterior they want to utilize. There are a variety of different materials that can be used to cover the exterior of a building, but not many options are more popular than utilizing Stucco in Kirkland. Stucco is a sand based exterior that is used in part due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. As like any additional type of home exterior covering, eventually stucco will have to be repaired and maintained to keep its visual appeal up as over time due to long term sun exposure and weather conditions, damage may occur. There are a few different things that will need to be completed in order to retain the look of the stucco year in and year out.

One of the first things that will need to be completed in order to keep the stucco looking its best at all times is routine cleaning. Over time, dirt and debris will start to build up on the surface of the stucco, which will make it appear dirty and lack luster. If using the pressure washer, check the pressure to make sure that it is not over 600 psi as high pressure could damage the stucco and cause unnecessary repairs and additional expenses.

When trying to retain the look of stucco, a person should also check to ensure that the exterior has been sealed properly. Routine maintenance checks completed by professionals will ensure that your stucco exterior is not subject to water damage and was installed properly initially. Regular inspections are the best way to determine if there are any issues, or if any issues are expected to arise in the future that will require repair or replacement.

When looking for a company to help maintain your Stucco in Kirkland, look no further than Joseph J. Jefferson & Son. We have the experience and skills needed to keep the stucco on a customer’s building or home looking great at all times. Be sure to call us at (206) 202-9500 for more information on the services that we offer and to schedule a consultation.