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The Most Common Causes of Damage to Stucco

October 17, 2014  

Stucco in BellevueOne of the first things noticed when looking at a building is the type of exterior covering utilized. Among the most popular types of exterior coverings used is stucco due to its appeal and the versatility it brings. Although stucco is more durable and resilient than many home coverings available, it is not without its problems and weaknesses. There are many different repair issues that can occur over time with exterior coverings that will require professional repair of Stucco in Bellevue.

Below are a few of the most common types of problems that may be encountered with stucco.

The biggest problem that can happen with stucco is moisture getting underneath it during the original installation. If the contractor installing it is not careful, it is possible to create a plethora of issues that are not immediately seen, but will arise in a year or two later down the line.

As the moisture expands and contracts due to the varying weather conditions throughout different temperatures and seasons, it can result in visible cracks in the wall. Without immediate care and repair, these small cracks can expand and do get larger over time. In order to eliminate this moisture, an experienced contractor will have to remove the wall and reapply the stucco properly.

Another common problem that exists with stucco is called efflorescence, which is the name given to the salt from evaporated water. This salty substance will remain on the stucco long after the moisture has evaporated and it will start to cause peeling of the paint that has been applied to the stucco. As soon as peeling paint is detected on the stucco exterior wall, a professional needs to be called in to evaluate what needs to be done to fix the problem.

When problems like these are noticed on stucco walls, the best place to call for your repairs is Joseph J. Jefferson & Son. We have years of experience in the repair of Stucco in Bellevue and have had many satisfied customers along with way. Call us at (206) 202-9500 for more information or to schedule a hassle free consultation.