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What Should You Know About Hiring A Stucco Company In Mercer Island?

March 14, 2018  

Stucco Company In Mercer Island

It used to be that stucco was the type of finish that you would mainly see on homes around the southwestern portion of the country. However, this is such a beautiful and long-lasting siding option has grown in popularity and is now being installed across the country on a much larger scale. The more that you know about stucco, the easier it will be for you to pick out the right stucco company in Mercer Island to help with whatever stucco project you have in mind.

What Is Stucco?

Stucco siding is a kind of masonry plaster that is hand-troweled into place and it is made up of a mixture of water, sand, and cement. This is a common finishing touch to homes that are crafted using the Mediterranean and Spanish architecture. Such stucco homes will have an exterior that varies in texture from sweeping swirls or pebbled to one that is completely smooth. It all depends on the application technique that is used.

Stucco offers a durable level of protection from the elements. However, stucco can come with some downsides, especially if you are not able to choose the right installation team. Stucco is very appealing for a number of reasons, including the level of fire resistance. Just a one-inch coat of stucco can give the building a firewall rating of one hour, which means that it can help to prevent the spreading of the fire from one portion of the wall to the next for at least one hour. Because of this, stucco is a very desirable option for a dwelling that houses multiple families as well as areas where homes are built close to one another.

Another popular reason why people go with stucco is the finishing touch that it offers. You have the ability to choose the texture as well as the distinct color-matching properties of the material. You have the option of softer shades all the way up to deeper earth-color tones all depending on how much dye is added to the mixture.

When it comes to the insulation factor, stucco when applied in a one-inch layer comes with a 0.20 R-Value. What this means is that it adds an insulation factor that is about the same as the thickness of wood.

For the application process, you need to know that you are hiring professionals with the right level of training. This is an exterior finish material that can be rather temperamental, so you need to hire someone that has plenty of experience and a great reputation for working with stucco. Seattle Stucco & Plaster has been in business for many years and comes with all of the expertise that you could ask for when having stucco applied to your commercial or residential space.

When you are looking for a dependable stucco company in Mercer Island, contact us at Seattle Stucco & Plaster. Call us today at (206) 202-9500 and we can send someone out to do a consultation at your residence or commercial space.