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What is Seattle EIFS?

June 20, 2011  

EIFS – noun; Exterior Insulation and Finish System

An exterior wall treatment, EIFS is used for both commercial and residential applications. With the ability to conform to virtually any architectural detail, EIFS is often the preferred treatment to complete the aesthetic appeal of unusual designs. The system is a composite of:

  • Exterior finish coat
  • Water-resistant base coat embedded with fiberglass mesh
  • Foam insulation
  • Adhesive to attach the assembly to the exterior wall substrate (plywood)

EIFS Advantages

  • Energy Efficiency — by forming a foam insulation envelope on the outside of a structure, air infiltration is reduced which decreases fuel consumption. With no thermal breaks in the insulation, energy consumption is further reduced for heating or cooling the interior space.
  • Design Versatility — with a wide range of color, texture and design ┬áchoices, EIFS provides a stucco like appearance. Far more versatile than traditional stucco, EIFS can be molded or carved to form architectural details such as jambs, cornices, columns, keystones, etc.
  • Maintenance — EIFS is resistant to fading and cracking because of its component materials. Resistant to mold, the system also does not accumulate dirt; maintaining a freshly painted appearance.

As with any product, there are some drawbacks to using EIFS. The most important factor is that this is by no means a do-it-yourself project! Most suppliers will not even sell the product to any but certified installers, like Seattle EIFS. It is recommended that you perform regular visual inspections around window sills, flashing etc. to assure there is no leakage.