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Venetian Stucco Installation in Redmond

February 18, 2015  

Venetian Stucco Installation in RedmondThe installation of Venetian stucco is a delicate, time consuming project but the end result will make the walls and ceiling of any home or office building absolutely stunning. Having a company experienced with venetian stucco installation in Redmond will ensure your project is done correctly and efficiently.

The Basic Process

To ensure there is proper adhesion, it is important that all applications are mixed correctly right from the beginning. There are no quick fixes or shortcuts in this process. To obtain proper results, the appropriate tools must be used at each stage. From the standard plastering trowel when applying the first coat to the stainless steel trowels for the second and third coats as well as for polishing. It is also imperative that the proper amount of drying time is allotted between each stage.

When applying the first coat, it is not necessary to add color. It is important however, that the plaster is applied evenly and allowed approximately 10 hours to dry before applying the second coat.

The second and third coats are then applied, using the desired color and waiting at least ten hours between the two. It is also necessary to properly prepare the trowel before applying the third coat. Once the third coat of plaster in on, polished and about 48 hours of drying time has passed, the wax can then be applied. This is another multi application process but completely necessary to achieve the desired results.

As can be imagined, venetian stucco installation is not a quick process nor is it for every do it yourself home renovator. If you would like more information on venetian stucco installation in Redmond, give our knowledgeable, experienced staff at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son a call today at (206)202-9500.