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Venetian Stucco Installation For The Ultimate Finish

March 27, 2018  

Venetian Stucco

Putting together the ultimate finish on your interior or exterior walls can include a whole lot more than wallpaper, siding or a few coats of paint. When you hire the right team of professionals, you can open yourself up to a whole new world of wall finishes for both residential and commercial spaces. If it happens to be Venetian stucco installation in Seattle that you are interested in, there are some things that you should know about this product and process.

What Is Venetian Stucco?

Venetian stucco, also known as Venetian plaster, is a type of ceiling and wall finish that is comprised of plaster that is combined with marble dust. Once mixed, it can be applied using a trowel or spatula in very thin, multiple layers. In some instances, these multiple layers are burnished to help create a surface that is smooth with the illusion of both texture and depth. The three different types of Venetian stucco include marmorino, scagliola, and sgraffito.

  • Marmorino Stucco – This is a type of plaster or stucco that is used for both interior and exterior wall finishing. It is crafted using lime putty and crushed marble along with colored tint to create a variety of tones and textures.
  • Scagliola Stucco – This is a type of technique that is often used for creating sculptures, columns, and other elements in architecture that will resemble precious stones or the inlays in marble. The product is composed of glue, selenite, and natural pigments to mimic marble as well as other hard stones.
  • Sgraffito Stucco – Also referred to as scraffito, this is a finishing technique achieved by applying layers of tinted plaster with contrasting colors to a surface that has been moistened.

When it comes a residential or commercial application, working with trained professionals will always give you the best result. Whether you are working on a new home build or you are looking to overhaul your current space, the team at Seattle Stucco & Plaster can be there to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. We have many decades of experience with Venetian stucco and we have what it takes to create a beautiful result for you in your home or commercial space.

Do you have particular colors that you are looking to match or a texture that you would like to achieve? It will be no problem at all for us to come out to your location to do an assessment of your needs before giving you a detailed cost estimate.

There is nothing better than knowing you are hiring the best for professional Venetian stucco installation in Seattle. Call us today at Seattle Stucco & Plaster at (206) 202-9500 for a consultation.