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Trust the Experience of a Quality EIFS Company in Marysville

January 15, 2016  

During the planning stages of building or refurbishing a new home, commercial or residential structure, a great deal of thought must be applied to each stage of the process. Ensuring the best products, materials and contractors are used is imperative not only for the quality and longevity of the building but to the consideration of costs. When considering the exterior cladding to be used on a project, the costs should not only pertain to the initial outlay but to the efficiency of the product once installed. To achieve the best of both worlds in quality and cost efficiency, trust the experience of a quality EIFS company in Marysville.

EIFS Company in Marysville

Choosing the right installation company for the exterior cladding of a building project is as equally important as choosing the right cladding. Having a high efficiency cladding installed is only efficient it it is installed correctly.

A company fully certified and versed in the installation of EIFS, or exterior insulating finishing system(s), will ensure each stage of the process is completed to specifications. Not only to the specifications outlined by jurisdictional building codes but to the specifications of the building design including vapor barriers and water drainage systems.

The flexibility and durability of EIFS allows it to be installed in a variety of textures, colors and designs allowing the replication of just about any finish from traditional stucco to brick; making it extremely aesthetically pleasing.

Although minimal maintenance is required, a professional EIFS company will stand by their work and be prepared to complete any repairs necessary over the ensuing years. Whether it be a simple crack due to a shifting foundation or more severe damage, a professional will complete repairs promptly ensuring its energy efficiency rating is not compromised.

For more information regarding the installation of exterior insulating finishing systems, call the experience of a quality EIFS Company in Marysville today; call Joseph J. Jefferson and Son at (206)202-9500.