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The Timing, Patience and Touch of Venetian Stucco Installation in Everett

August 5, 2015  

There is no shortage of  ‘do it yourself’ people who are not squeamish about taking on a new challenge when doing renovations or building a new home or commercial structure. Like most professionals, these individuals take great pride in their accomplished projects. They also understand the limitations of their abilities and know when it is time to call those professionals in. When considering the delicate installation of venetian stucco for the next project, it is good to know there is an experienced venetian stucco installation company in Everett on hand.

Venetian Stucco Installation in Everett

The task of installing venetian stucco may not be that difficult to achieve for the most part; it’s the time, patience and delicate touch that may prove to be challenging to some. In the example of one method of application shown below, it can be noted that time and patience is essential for premium results; more so depending on the size of area to be covered.


– A thin base coat applied consistently across entire surface, low angle on the trowel to apply, high angle to scrap, allow to dry

– Very lightly, with a small amount of plaster on a clean trowel, skip across surface creating  sporadic open spaces adding the appearance of texture to the surface, allow to dry

– Apply another thin coat similar to the first, allow to dry


– Immediately following drying time sand the surface in a circular motion with about a 400 grit sand paper, remove excess dust with a clean rag

– Sand again in a circular motion with a lighter grit sand paper, wipe off excess dust

– Use a clean trowel to press the stucco down making it stronger and durable while bringing out a sheen to the surface

Timing, patience, touch and preparation are key to the successful installation of venetian stucco. To ensure your project is done correctly and in a timely manner call the experienced venetian stucco installation company in Everett; call Joseph J. Jefferson & Son today at (206)202-9500.