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The Stucco Repair Challenge in Redmond

August 19, 2015  

Being one of the most cost effective and efficient wall coverings, stucco, either interior or exterior, typically lasts a number of decades. Eventually, stucco may need a bit of work. Depending how well the property has been maintained and what it has been used for, it is possible the stucco may need a complete refacing. For the most part however, small to medium stucco repairs may be all that is required. It is at this point that decisions need to be made. Can the work be done by the property owner correctly, cost effectively and in a timely manner or should it be hired out to a professional, experienced stucco repair company in Redmond?

The Stucco Repair Challenge in Redmond

There is no doubt many people would take on the stucco repair challenge and make these repairs on their own. However, there is a process to stucco repair and if not done correctly, doing it yourself could cause more problems than anticipated.

Patience, time and a steady hand are the primary tools for doing stucco repairs. A flexible putty knife, possibly a trowel, an exact o knife, sand paper, self-adhesive mesh tape or fiberglass mesh, plaster powder, water and a mixing bowl will also be required.

For repairing gouges, cracks and screw holes, a light sanding of the damaged area will assist in the adhesion of the new stucco; excess dust must be removed. Cover the damaged area with self-adhesive mesh tape and apply properly mixed plaster using enough pressure for the plaster to seep through the mesh and into the crack. Allow to dry completely before sanding. If the mesh is exposed, the plaster must be applied again.

Stucco damage around windows and doors may require more attention. It would be recommended that exterior stucco damage be inspected, regardless of the severity.

For all minor or major repairs to your interior or exterior stucco, call the professional, experienced stucco repair company in Redmond; call Joseph J. Jefferson & Son today at (206)202-9500.