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The Right EIFS Exterior Installation Company in Marysville

July 23, 2015  

Rather than paying a third party to find the right contractors, an individual or family building a home or coordinating the efforts of developing a structure for a business can experience the gratification and pride that comes with accomplishment. That said, being cost efficient without compromising quality, integrity or any potential energy saving capabilities on a project is ideal. Choosing to use EIFS when constructing a home, commercial or industrial building, will no doubt save in the costs o construction and enhance the energy efficiency properties. To make this happen, it is important to find the right EIFS exterior installation company in Marysville.

The Right EIFS Exterior Installation Company in Marysville

In order to maximize the energy saving benefits of an exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS), it must be installed and maintained correctly.

EIFS is a non-load bearing cladding which is meant to attach to a building flat, continuous substrate. It is not designed to fit open framing. Quite often, EIFS installation will include a drainage cavity behind the cladding, providing an outlet for any moisture. This would be installed vertically over a water resistant barrier covering the substrate.

The insulation board itself is then installed either with adhesive, mechanically or both. A water resistant base coat embedded with a glass fiber mesh is applied next to the insulation as a weather barrier. In virtually any color and texture, an acrylic finish coat is applied making the cladding crack resistant and so durable that it will even out perform a traditional stucco finish.

Exterior insulated finishing system is becoming a very popular cladding on the market today. This could be due in part to the speed of installation bey an experienced crew, its relatively low maintenance, its flexibility, its energy efficiency rating or maybe just the aesthetically pleasing look it gives the entire property.

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