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The Right Choice for Commercial Stucco in Bellevue

January 29, 2016  

The amount of details considered when designing a commercial structure can be insurmountable. Areas designated for specific functions such as, the lobby, board rooms, offices, industrial or work floor as well as common areas may not all be suited for the same wall covering. If being developed for a specific purpose, the designer can incorporate any number of options. It is also important to keep in mind the task of designing doesn’t end with the interior of a building. For all your interior and exterior wall covering needs contact the company with complete experience with commercial stucco in Bellevue.

Commercial Stucco in Bellevue

One company with extensive experience in all options of stucco installation, service and repair would prevent a lot of confusion when dealing with the large number of contractors already involved in a project of this magnitude.

Stucco plaster on the walls of common areas, offices and the work floor can provide the durability required for longevity. With the ability to integrate virtually any color into the mix, maintenance is greatly minimized.

Venetian stucco chosen for the lobby or reception area of a commercial property adds a hint of elegance. The high sheen and smooth texture also emits a sense of professionalism and confidence when greeting potential clients. Carrying this same sense into a boardroom may also bring a sense of security and confidentiality. Being extremely water resistant, Venetian stucco can also be considered for the executive washrooms.

The same durability is afforded the use of stucco on the exterior of a commercial building. The ability of this product to withstand the ever changing elements makes it tremendously energy efficient. The flexibility of stucco allows it to be installed in any number of textures, countless colors and in a variety of shapes and designs.

For all your building wall covering needs, contact the company with complete experience with commercial stucco in Bellevue; call Joseph J. Jefferson and Son today at (206)202-9500. We are the right choice.