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Specializing in EIFS Repair in Seattle

September 3, 2015  

Anytime is a great time to buy real estate. Whether it is a first home, an upgrade or a brand new build, it is always an exciting venture. Regardless whether it is a new or used residential, commercial or industrial property being purchased, having a property inspection completed can eliminate any surprises and provide a heads up to any potential concerns. If fortunate enough to have purchased a home or building equipped with an exterior insulated finishing system, the path is already marked for high energy savings. However, if there are any concerns, big or small with the system, it is reassuring to have a company specializing in EIFS Repair in Seattle.

Specializing in EIFS Repair in Seattle

As with any exterior cladding, regular maintenance is key to longevity. As a property owner, making a cursory inspection may be suitable to notice any major problems. An average, home or property inspector may be able to spot other irregularities but an experienced, qualified EIFS inspector however, would know exactly what to look for.

An inspector specializing in EIFS repair will be able to identify even the smallest cracks due to the shifting of a foundation. With one look they will know whether it will be any easy fix or a situation that may warrant further inspection. This inspector will be able to recognize any potential water damage due to rain or a faulty drainage system and even if there is separation from the substrate.

Being able to identify a problem is one thing. Having the ability to fix the problem correctly, efficiently and professionally the first time is another. This is a skill set that is in no short supply from a company specializing in EIFS repair in Seattle. For all your exterior insulating finishing system needs, call the company with the expertise required; giveĀ Joseph J. Jefferson & Son a call today at (206)202-9500. Put our experience to work for you.