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See the Whole Picture with a Professional EIFS Company in Kirkland

December 3, 2015  

Property is likely to be the largest investment an individual or family would make in a lifetime.  It is crucial to protect this investment in order to maximize any returns or maintain any equity. All buildings, no matter if they are commercial, industrial or residential require maintenance. Recognizing and repairing minor problems is much better then repairing major concerns. If the cladding of choice on any building is EIFS and the initial contractor is unknown, a certified, professional EIFS repair company in Kirkland will provide the experience necessary to complete any minor or major repairs required..

EIFS Company in Kirkland

Like any other cladding or exterior siding, repairs to EIFS, or exterior insulating finishing systems may be required for any number of reasons. The shifting of a foundation for example, is normal and at times can cause small cracks in the finish and possibly, minor separation from the substrate.

Simply sealing a crack in the EIFS or any cladding for that matter may not be the best idea. A cursory look from an untrained eye, the observer may not be seeing the whole picture. An individual specializing in exterior insulating finishing systems would be able to identify any underlying water damage or other problems below the surface of this crack or elsewhere on the building.

An inspection of any problem will provide potentially cost saving information. The experienced repair technician will be able to ascertain the cause of the damage be it a shifting foundation, normal wear and tear, improper installation or exterior impact. Assessing the extent of any damage is equally important to understand if a simple sealant would suffice or if the relatively simple removal and replacing of the affected area is required.

Ensure you see the whole picture. For any  suspected damage to the exterior insulating finishing system on a home or commercial property, contact the professional EIFS repair company in Kirkland that will provide the experience you need and the quality you can trust; call Joseph J. Jefferson & Son today at (206)202-9500.