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Residential Stucco Installation in Tacoma

May 29, 2015  

With the warm weather now upon us and seemingly getting warmer, the home construction season is in full swing. Not just new builds but re-builds and renovations alike. Like all facets of industry, the dollars and cents spent on construction or renovations have to be stretched without compromising quality. Careful thought must be applied when considering the finishes of every project. Property owners and developers must make the not so difficult decision, to use a product that will not only enhance the features of any home or building, but is also extremely cost efficient; stucco.  To get the most out of what stucco can do for any property, using a company specializing in the installation of residential stucco in Tacoma can be most beneficial.

residential stucco in Tacoma

Although stucco is a cement based mix, the application is not as simple as mixing the proper proportions of water and sticking it to a wall or ceiling. There is an installation process which must be followed in order to achieve the desired results. From the wall preparation, drainage plane, lath application to the specifications of mixing each layer of stucco correctly, each step has a specific purpose to ensure strength and consistency of the application.

The durability, performance and longevity of stucco make it a cladding of choice among many home builders and developers. The skills, abilities and the correct tools in the hands of a professional, experienced residential stucco installer will provide the exterior of any home with virtually any color and texture finish desired.

Whether building a new home or wishing to transform the look of an existing home, choose an experienced company specializing in the installation of residential stucco in Tacoma. Call Joseph J. Jefferson & Son today at (206)202-9500. We put our experience to work for you.