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Residential Stucco in Tacoma

November 14, 2014  

Residential Stucco in TacomaFor most homeowners, making sure that the outside of their home stays looking presentable is a big concern. One of the most important decisions that is made in regards to the outside of any residence is the type of covering they will use. For many years, residential stucco in Tacoma has been among the most popular type of exterior covering. Once the stucco has been applied on your home, it is possible to paint it to any color desired. Below are a few tips to use when prepping your stucco for paint.

The first thing that needs to be completed when trying to prep stucco for painting, is a thorough cleaning of the surface. All of the dirt and debris that is on the stucco should be washed off in order to create clean surface for the paint.

The last thing that anyone wants is to apply paint to a dirty surface as this will cause issues and further costs in the long run. The paint will not adhere very well to a dirty surface, and will begin to peel and bubble shortly after application.

After cleaning the surface of the stucco, the next step will be to prime the stucco with paint. The primer coat of paint is a base layer, and is applied in order to help the paint cover the stucco a bit better with a smoother and more professional finish. If this step is skipped,  the paint that is applied on the stucco will not cover very well, and the finished product will be less than stellar.

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