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Quality Venetian Stucco Repair Company in Mercer Island

July 2, 2015  

One of the strongest in the stucco family, venetian stucco is used either on the interior or exterior of a commercial or residential property. It’s aesthetically pleasing qualities, its versatility to be applied in any color and texture, its flexibility and durability to be able to be installed in high moisture areas definitely makes this a very popular product. Because of the strength of this type of stucco, damage such as cracks does not happen very often. If or when it does happen, it would be best to locate a quality venetian stucco repair company in Mercer Island.

Venetian Stucco Repair Company in Mercer Island

Repairing venetian stucco is not an easy task. This is not to say that anyone couldn’t make the repairs however, if the repairs are not done absolutely correct, the slightest difference in color would show through; instead of fixing the problem, it could actually be enhanced.

Any damage to venetian stucco must be repaired to maintain both quality and integrity. If repairs are ever required to venetian stucco, they can be delicate and very time consuming. The right mixture of plaster must be applied to the damaged area and smoothed to the level of the surrounding area; sanding carefully in an up an down motion. Using the correct tools, the first coat of venetian stucco is applied. There is a drying period of up to 24 hours. Depending on the type of product and the desired results, from rustic matte to high sheen, there could be up to seven coats of plaster applied.

Aside from its beauty, the benefits of venetian stucco are tremendous such as a lifetime finish and a natural resistance to mold. Making any necessary repairs correctly is important.

To make the necessary repairs to your residential or commercial property, use a quality venetian stucco repair company in Mercer Island. Give Joseph J. Jefferson & Son a call today at (206)202-9500. Put our experience to work for you.