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Quality and Experience in a Plaster Company in Lake Stevens

July 8, 2015  

Many of us have made big plans at some point to take time off work to complete a particular project such as renovating, refurbishing or even building a new home. It’s unfortunate when consideration is given to taking well-earned holidays in order to work. It’s  typical for some individuals to under estimate the time required to complete a task. When this actually occurs, it becomes easy to start rushing the project along or taking short cuts in order to finish. Rushing leads to mistakes and short cuts end up costing more in the long run. If the project planned for your next holiday involves the installation or repair of plaster, contact a plaster company in Lake Stevens that brings quality and experience to every job.

Plaster Company in Lake Stevens

It’s often the time factor that throws off the ‘do it yourself’ handyman with the realization there is a process to the installation of any plaster.

After installing the scratch coat, or the first coat of plaster, it may need to cure for several days before the second coat or brown coat can be applied. These coats of plaster curing properly is key to ensuring any subsequent coats will bond strongly; especially if being installed on designer or custom pieces. If a thicker covering is required, a third coat can be applied after the second cures.

The third coat or the finish coat is when consistency issues can come into play. Whichever texture is chosen for the finish, it is aesthetically essential it only be different where it is supposed to be if at all. The same goes for any color being added to the mixture; consistency is of the utmost importance.

When considering any type of plaster project for your residential or commercial property, save your holidays for a well- deserved rest. Contact a plaster company in Lake Stevens that provides top quality and experience to every job; call Joseph J. Jefferson & Son today at (206)202-9500.