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Professional EIFS Wall Installation in Marysville

April 1, 2015  

Whether you are a property developer or a person who dabbles in property investing, there are always plenty of decisions to be made regarding what to do with the property you are working with. Whether it is an area designed for commercial or residential, an office building, single dwelling home or maybe even an apartment building, regardless of what is built, a decision must be made as to what type of cladding, if any, will be utilized. There can be many determining factors involved in this decision alone. Cost, efficiency, maintenance, aesthetics, ease of installation and even the availability of experienced, qualified installers may be taken into consideration. When the decision is made to go with EIFS wall installation in Marysville you can be assured of all these factors being met.

EIFS Wall Installation in Marysville

The flexibility, efficiency and ease of installation of EIFS or exterior insulation finishing system. has been making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial cladding for a number of years. Typically installed a a continuous insulation and air barrier, EIFS can be attached to any substrate either adhesively or mechanically.

During installation, a water resistant barrier is first attached to the substrate. A water resistant base coat is then applied to the installed EIFS, acting as yet another weather shield. A crack resistant acrylic finish coating is then applied in whatever color, texture and decorative choice of the owner or developer.  The majority of EIFS wall installations today include a drainage system which is designed to keep any moisture from accumulating in the wall cavity.

In order for the exterior insulation finishing system to maintain its high energy conservation efficiency rating it is of the utmost importance that it be installed correctly by trained professionals.

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