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Preparing for Winter with an Experienced Plaster Service in Everett

October 22, 2015  

Winter is lurking right around the corner. No matter if living in an area that experiences the nasty cold, wet weather or fortunate enough to reside in an area that remains above thirty two degrees, the short time before the cooler season arrives is a good time to make sure a home or commercial building is prepared for any change in weather. This may include blowing out the sprinkler system and having the roof checked for worn shingles or leaks. Having the exterior cladding inspected regularly around this time of year may also be reassuring. An experienced plaster service in Everett can help prepare for those cold winter months ahead.

Preparing for Winter with an Experienced Plaster Service in Everett

As owner of a commercial or residential property, keeping a close eye on the exterior of the building becomes second nature. After all, it’s important to ensure the investment of time and money is maintained. Through regular or cursory checks, obvious anomalies may be detected in the exterior plaster. These deviations may consist of cracks, chips or watermarks around a door or window frame.

Damage to exterior cladding such as that mentioned above does not necessarily indicate major problems. Minor cracks or chips can simply be an indication of a shifting foundation or accidental trauma to the wall.

The keen eye of an experienced plaster installer will be able to detect any underlying concerns or problems that may be causing damage. These concerns may include water leaks, inconsistent plaster mixtures or improper installation. With this in mind, simply filling in cracks and chips or painting over water marks may not be the solution.

A regularly scheduled maintenance inspection of the exterior of any home or commercial building by an experienced plaster service in Everett will ensure your investment is prepared for the cold winter months ahead. For more information or to schedule and inspection, give us a call today at Joseph J. Jefferson and Son, (206)202-9500.