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Plaster Interior Ideas for the Modern Home or Office

July 23, 2014  

plaster installation in SeattlePlaster was commonly used in older homes and buildings for decades until the invention of drywall came along. That did away with plaster in wide-use as well as the funny-board walls behind it to keep the plaster in place. However, plaster hasn’t disappeared. In many homes and offices where the owners have decided to customize, plaster not only has a place, it can provide a very interesting detailing for interiors. If you are considering plaster installation in Seattle, for your business or residence, J.J.Jefferson & Son can help.

One of the most powerful displays of plaster is often in decorative form on ceilings and crown moldings. While it’s often blended in the same color as the base wall surface, the textures and details possible with plaster are not easily replicated with pre-formed substitutes.

Plaster can also be used to provide interesting and unique texture on walls. No matter what kind of paint is chosen, a flat wall is simply a flat wall. However, with texture added, a wall can often come alive, adding to the flavor and feel of room. Plaster is the key element that creates this texture. It can be sprayed on, applied, or crafted. Once dried, the plaster sits is very light-weight fashion, adding hardly any weight to the walls or ceilings but improving the look significantly.

To get an idea of what sort of ideas and options are available with plaster installation in Seattle, J.J. Jefferson can help. We have a significant amount of experience with interior plaster work. Give us a call to find out more information at (206)202-9500.