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Great Stucco Service in Tacoma

March 17, 2015  

The unfortunate series of events that lead to the large number of homes and properties saturating the real estate market has not been lost on many property investors. People have been able to purchase investment properties, both residential and commercial, all over the United States for a song; and maybe a dance. The beautiful part about being able to purchase property at such a low cost is the money saved can be used renovating the property. Whether residential or commercial, when you are prepared to have renovations done on your new investment property, you are sure to find a qualified, reputable company offering great stucco service in Tacoma.

Tacoma Stucco Service

As an exterior cladding, stucco is cement based and can be applied or installed on a number of different substrates such as metal lath or a weather resistant barrier. When installed correctly, stucco will provide a highly durable exterior wall assembly. Adhering virtually to all weather conditions, stucco is one of the least expensive, long lasting claddings on the market today.

Not just limited to the exterior of a home or commercial building, stucco can be applied to flat surfaces, curved surfaces or accessory fittings on the interior as well. A good qualified stucco service can make the finish of the application as lavish or as simple as the owner would like. From smooth to course, the finishing options are numerous as is the selection of colors that can be used.

Whether it is a new residential or commercial project or the re-facing of an old home or building, an experienced stucco service can make your project look up to date or take it back in time.

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