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Get The Results You Need With EIFS Service In Marysville

February 1, 2018  

EIFS service in Marysville

There can come a time when you are looking to have a whole new exterior on your commercial or residential space. If you want to find something that is durable and lasts for a long time, the chances are good that you have started to look for an EIFS service in Marysville that has all of the expertise and knowledge that you are hoping for.

Of course, you will want to research to find the best contractors in your area so that you know you are able to get quality results for the budget that you have to work with. Spending time to find the best contractor for the job will help you to get the most of out your money while also making sure that the EIFS installation is completed on time. Not only that but if you already have an older EIFS system in place or there has been some sort of accident or natural disaster to cause damage, you need to have a team on your side that can get the repairs done correctly the first time.

What Are The Benefits Of EIFS?

When you have EIFS installed on your building exterior, you have the ability to cut back on air infiltration by a little over half when you compare it to a standard wood or brick construction. Seeing how the walls remain an area where the most of the air conditioning and heat is lost, the improvement of adding EIFS for your wall insulation can make a huge difference in terms of your energy consumption.

If you are planning a new construction build, you will be able to look into some of the lower capacity air conditioning and heating equipment when you build without having to sacrifice any sort of interior comfort. EIFS will add “R Value” to your commercial space or home, which is the measurement of heat flow resistance. The higher this value is, the better the insulating value of the material is. Most of the EIFS systems will use insulation that has an R Value of between 4 to 5.6 for each inch as the inner portion of the wall system. When com]bined with good wall cavity insulation, this number can go up to about 11 or 16 or higher.

Finally, EIFS is a whole lot more durable and offers a great deal fo design flexibility in comparison to all of the other options that are available today. You also have a staggering amount of moisture control as the design helps to form a wonderful protective barrier to keep moisture out.

When you want to talk about your options in EIFS installation or EIFS repairs, we invite you to talk with our team at Seattle Stucco & Plaster. We have the years of experience and all of the training and knowledge regarding EIFS to give you the confidence you need to know that we will get the job done right for you the first time, every time.

If you are in need of EIFS service in Marysville that you can count on, you need to hire the professionals. Call Seattle Stucco & Plaster today at (206)202-9500 for information.