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Entrust Your Home Improvement Wish List to Experienced Plaster Patch in Redmond

December 31, 2015  

For many, the Yuletide season is a time to get away from the usual fast pace of everyday life be it on a nice warm sunny beach or at home surrounded with close friends and family. For others, the season is a time of reflection; the successes of the past year, the failures and the lessons learned. For others yet, the term reflection may take on another meaning. While seated in a favorite chair with a glass of Christmas cheer, they reflect on the home improvements wanted in the coming year. If any of these improvements involve the installation service or repair of stucco, contact the company fully experienced with plaster patch in Redmond.

Plaster Patch in Redmond

Most ‘do it your-selfers’ wouldn’t think twice about applying a patch of plaster to a crack or small or even large hole in either the interior or exterior of their home. Some of these handy people may end up with builder’s regret however, when they see the crack reappears, gets worse, the patch is indented or the patch fall out altogether.

There are a number of small nuances that are very easy to overlook when attempting to make even the simplest of repairs to the stucco plaster in and around a residential or commercial property. The experienced eye of a trained plaster patch technician would have the ability to recognize any underlying problems by the location of the damage, the discoloration and the amount and type of damage to the lath, screen or substrate. Small indicators such as this can signal simple foundation shifting, water damage or even separation.

While making your home improvement wish list this holiday season, plan to have the job done right the first time; contact the company fully experienced with plaster patch in Redmond, contact Joseph J. Jefferson and Son today at (206)202-9500. Put our experience to work for you.