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Choose an Experienced Stucco Company in Bellevue

June 10, 2015  

Regardless of how or small the project may be, working with stucco can be a bit of a challenge at times especially for those ‘do it yourselfers’ with little to no experience. Ensuring the right consistencies in mix, color, application and texture could prove to be an exercise in frustration or an expensive trial and error process. Choosing an experienced stucco company in Bellevue to help with your residential or commercial stucco project would save time, money and maybe even those frustrations.

Stucco Company in Bellevue

If restoring a building from water or fire damage, and experienced stucco company will be able to remove the old material thoroughly and ensure the substrate is prepared properly for stucco re-installation. When completing any major ore even minor repairs, an experienced stucco company would be able to determine the cause of the crack or damage and make the necessary repairs accordingly. Experience would also allow for the color matching of any repaired area with the surrounding stucco finish.

The popularity of stucco is primarily due to a number of factors such as its;

  • durability
  • resistance to weather
  • aesthetically pleasing appearance to the whole home or building

An experienced stucco company will typically install traditional stucco using a 3 coat system. Finishing with an acrylic, with the color of choice integrated into the finish means no painting would be required. Using acrylic ensures the finish is more flexible, minimizing the possibility of pre-mature cracking and minimizing and maintenance. The choices of color and texture that can be used is almost limitless.

Choosing to work with an experienced stucco company in Bellevue for your large or small stucco project provides and opportunity to use their expertise in answering any questions and listen to any recommendations. For more information regarding your current or future projects, give us a call today at J.J. Jefferson & Son at (206)202-9500. Let us put our experience to work for you.