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Changing a Home Outer Surface or Elevation is Possible and Easy

May 25, 2014  

stucco in SeattleMost new homes today come with an outside surface that’s already been predetermined in advance. The builder usually offers three choices of surfacing or “elevation” and, if a buyer is lucky, he gets to be the one who chooses what elevation will apply on a new home. After that, the home bought seems to be stuck with the outside surface cover that can only be changed by painting it.

Fortunately, however, homeowners have real options and don’t have to settle with decades of the same elevation if they choose not to. With professional skill and equipment, a home surface can be rebuilt with care that produces a finished product capable of transforming how a home looks.

J.J. Jefferson specializes in Stucco, EIFS, Veneer Plaster, Venetian, Traditional and Ornamental Plaster for residences and commercial buildings. We are able to come in, either remove or built onto the existing surfacing, and dramatically change the elevation to a surfacing that the homeowner may want for a new appearance. J.J. Jefferson can also take care of internal surfacing work as well, dramatically changing the look of interior rooms and halls as desired.

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