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Benefiting with a Stucco Installation Company in Mercer Island

November 6, 2015  

There was a time when a person could look around the neighborhood and see near every home had stucco cladding. The beauty of it was that each home, although it fit into the surroundings, had its own unique appearance. This was no doubt due in part to the flexibility of the stucco. Fast forward a few years, many developers, builders and individuals continue to recognize the enormous benefits of stucco in both commercial and residential applications. In order to take complete advantage of these benefits employing a company highly experienced with stucco installation in Mercer Island is recommended.

Stucco Installation Company in Mercer Island

Regardless of the type of stucco to be installed, each step must be completed correctly to achieve the desired results. The most common or popular stucco systems may include:

  • The Three Coat System: Beginning with the lathing consisting of a metal weep screed wrapped around the bottom of the building and a weather resistant paper like product applied to the exterior walls followed by the attachment of a furred wire netting, similar to chicken wire. This wire is used to secure the three layers of  stucco known as the scratch coat, brown coat and texture coat.
  • The One Coat System: Not really just one coat as the only difference from the one above is the replacement of the scratch coat with a one inch thick insulation board of sorts.

With both of these stucco systems, color of choice can be added to the texture coat eliminating the need for painting. This finishing coat itself cane take on any number of looks or textures.

Flexibility, durability, low maintenance, energy and cost efficiency and aesthetically pleasing are some of the many benefits of stucco cladding. For more information regarding stucco installation in Mercer Island, give us a call today at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, (206)202-9500. Providing the service you deserve and the quality you can trust.