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An Experienced EIFS Company in Tacoma

October 9, 2015  

As summer quickly comes to an end, home owners and commercial property owners are starting to gear up for another winter. It’s never certain how long the buffer time between summer and winter, typically called fall, will last. As a result, when there’s winterizing work to be done to a home or commercial building, the planning must begin. Around this time of the year, property owners start thinking about energy efficiency. They may have their air ducks cleaned and the furnace inspected. Some may even consider options available to make the entire building energy efficient. An experienced EIFS company in Tacoma may be able to assist in providing these options.

EIFS Company in Seattle

EIFS, or exterior insulating finishing systems, is an increasingly popular exterior wall cladding. Its flexibility and durability allows it to be installed with a variety of textures and colors replicating just about any finish from traditional stucco to brick.

The popularity of EIFS comes not only from its very aesthetically pleasing appeal, its low maintenance requirements or the fact that, with the proper installation team, it can be installed much quicker than other cladding but from its high energy efficiency when installed and maintained properly. Meeting or exceeding local or National energy codes means savings on both heating and cooling costs regardless or geographical area.

In order to fully capitalize on the benefits of an exterior insulating finishing system, it must be installed correctly without fault. It is important to locate a company not only with the skill, knowledge and experience in the installation if EIFS but one that will stand behind their work. Having an installer that has a complete understanding of all aspects of the installation service, maintenance, as well as any necessary repair will ensure the quality of product and service deserved.

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