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February 25, 2016  

There may be more people than thought who have purchased a home or building which a sub-standard inspection was completed. It can be quite frustrating for an individual, family or business group to learn of the less than stellar maintenance plan that had been initiated if at all. It really doesn’t matter what kind of exterior wall covering or cladding is on a building, with or without maintenance, eventually repairs will be required. When an exterior insulating finishing system has been used, any repairs needed should be done correctly without compromising the efficiency of the rest of the building. An experienced EIFS repair company in Kirkland will ensure this is the case.

EIFS Company in Kirkland

There should definitely be a happy medium for any type of maintenance on any project; a balance of sorts between too much and not doing enough. Too much maintenance being done may actually do more harm than good in some cases; excelling any wear and tear that may occur naturally. Not enough maintenance, leaving problems to fester can potentially harm the integrity of the complete cladding; not to mention increase any repair costs exponentially.

An experienced repair service with a complete understanding of the complexities of an exterior insulating finishing system will be able to determine the extent of a damaged area.

Repairs to EIFS can be as relatively simple as cutting out the damage and replacing that particular piece. More extensive problems such as separation, damage to the substrate or the drainage system may require the removal of a complete section.

Simply filling a hole or crack in the surface without inspecting below the surface can potentially make a big problem out of a small concern.

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