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November 19, 2015  

If lucky, there may be a few more weeks before the real snow arrives in many geographical locations. Unless of course, you’re fortunate enough to reside in an area that doesn’t have a lot of need for winter clothing stores. In either case, it may be prime time to get all those stucco related up-grades, repairs and new builds completed. The weather is not too hot and not too cold this time of year, perfect for a well-rounded experienced stucco company in SeattleĀ to get in and get to work on those long awaited projects.

Stucco Company in Seattle

Those clients that do their research will find there is quite a bit more to a quality stucco company than its installation service. Having said that of course, the installation is where it all begins. Regardless of what type of stucco is installed or whether it is a new build, rebuild, renovation project or repairs, every client should expect the highest quality of workmanship from a team of professional installers.

In order to achieve the desired results of weather resistant, flexible and durable stucco, not to mention the aesthetics, this team would have extensive experience in all aspects of the installation process; from the proper mixing of ingredients, the amount of sanding required for different textures, the integration of color, color matching, right down to the length of time to wait between applications.

Too many, the installation or repair of stucco can be a time consuming, tedious exercise in frustration; to a professional, it can be considered a form of art.

For more information about having all of your residential or commercial stucco project completed by the quality, steady hand of a well-rounded experienced stucco company in Seattle, call Joseph J. Jefferson and Son today at (206)202-9500.