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A Certified EIFS Company in Seattle

April 16, 2015  

From new builds to rebuilds, EIFS is becoming one of the most popular residential and commercial claddings available on the market today. Its high energy efficiency rating for waterproofing and insulation properties is quickly making this a cladding of choice. Not to mention its very complimentary, aesthetically pleasing features. In order to receive these high standards however, it is crucial to have a certified EIFS company in Seattle complete the installation.

EIFS Company in Seattle

Not typically a cladding installed by the ‘do it yourself’ homeowner, EIFS or exterior insulation finishing system is attached to the outside continuous, flat face of an exterior wall, not to open framing. It is attached with either a cement or acrylic based adhesive or with mechanical fasteners.

Being one of the most well tested and researched claddings in the industry, EIFS is in full compliance with modern building codes which highlights its superior energy efficiency. This rating is recognized through the use of a continuous air barrier as well as continuous insulation use. If not installed correctly, the energy conservation benefits may not be present.

Having a certified EIFS company involved in the installation process will ensure the task is completed efficiently and correctly, maximizing the benefits as intended. A certified company would not only bring with them the experience necessary to provide the property owners choice of color and texture finish, they would bring with them the familiarity of conducting repairs and providing accurate service information.

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